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Today fuji Escalator Company will share the working principle of the escalator. From its most basic function, the escalator is a simple modified conveyor belt. The two rotating chain loops drag a set of steps at a constant cycle and carry many people at a steady speed for short distance movement. In this article, we'll look at the internal structure of the escalator to see exactly how these components fit together. Although its principle is extremely simple, the system that keeps all steps in full synchronization is really amazing.

The core component of the escalator is two chains that circulate around two pairs of gears. At the top of the escalator, there is a motor that drives the drive gear to rotate the chain. A typical escalator uses a 100 hp engine to turn the gears. Both the engine and the chain system are mounted in a frame, which is a metal structure that extends between two floors. Unlike a plane in which the conveyor moves, the chain moves a set of steps. The most interesting part of the escalator is how these steps move. The steps are always level as the chain moves. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the steps fold over each other to form a platform. This makes the upper and lower escalators easier. In the image below, you can see the entire process of elevator operation.

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